British Shorthair Kittens In Hampshire.

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                               Britishshorthair Kittens In Hampshire

                                                 GCCF Registered

                              Eurocats (01489-790197) After 6 pm. 

   Hello, My name is Doreen Harrison and i have been breeding cats with

   the above prefix for approximately 18 years.What started as a hobby

   to  keep me occupied after retirement seems to have taken over and

   now I am still working   to keep the cats but loving every minute.

   Below a picture of JACOB( CH.PETTICOTE DAVINCI-CODE) a beautiful

   lilac self  who has taken up duties as stud to my girls - also we have

   his son PUFF a lovely Cream boy who has recently fathered a litter 

   between the two we should have plenty of blues, creams, bi-colours in

   cream, blue and chocolate - the occasional tri-colour and sometimes

                           colourpoint appears also self chocolate.

     JACOB  I was told is blood group AB when he came to join us and I

               have mated all my girls with him with no problems.

    PUFF came up with blood group B when he was tested last week so I

                        can see no problems arising with him either.

                             Both are closed to stud at this time

         Below a picture of CHAMPION PETICOTE DAVINCI-CODE (JACOB)

                                This is Eurocats Puff (Below)our new Stud

     Puff was awarded his first CC and BEST OF BREED at the WESSEX cat

                   Show on the5th MARCH  and he has since received

                                                       his second  cc               



                                The next picture is of TIDEMILL ANNABELLE.



  This site will be updated regulary and details of kittens and when they are

                                            availible will be given.

   Needless to say all kittens will be vaccinated,insured and litter trained

         and can be booked by viewing in person or by phone or e-mail.

                             Please e-mail 

                              Or phone (01489-790197)  After 6pm

                        A deposit is required at the time of booking